Self motivation & What my Seventh Year at Hogwarts Really Taught Me

In life there are pitfall moments. Pitfall days, weeks, months, maybe even (but hopefully not) years. These moments can be made by anything. Injuries, family emergencies, Lord Voldemort, whatever. In my life, it’s usually Lord Voldemort. Oh, wait, I’m not Hermione Granger. Right. Well then, in my life it’s usually depression. Which is probably just as difficult as dealing with Lord Voldemort and all his dramatic hissing.

Now, I’ve never been diagnosed with depression. I don’t take medication for it. And most of the time I get away scotch free without dealing with it.  This doesn’t make it any less real. Being depressed is nothing like being sad. Depression is having a four hundred pound weight sitting on your chest. It’s a little monster wrapped around your heart, plucking at your arteries, making it hurt until there is a lump in your throat. It’s your brain turning into a spaceship that you have no idea how to control and you’re desperately slamming buttons until you hear “SELF-DESTRUCT IN 10..9..” Most importantly depression is not something to be taken lightly, and if you feel it overwhelming you, REACH OUT.

The reality is that it is an internal struggle that we must always overcome. Not always alone, but it is something we have to do for ourselves. Motivation and depression, to me, are closely linked together. I’m not motivated so I’m not doing anything. Not doing anything makes me depressed. Being depressed makes me not motivated. Until I spiral into a vortex of doom.

Alas! There is a solution! DANCE! Dance, sing, jump, or even – just quietly smile. In our depression, our anxiety, our injuries and family emergencies we lose track of progress. You feel like you are losing at the game of life. And, maybe, when you start to “lose” at the game of life you are like me and you throw your hands up and say SCREW IT! I DIDN’T CARE ANYWAYS! LET THE DEATHEATERS WIN! And, maybe, for a few days or weeks or months, they do.

But as the wise and powerful Dumbledore once said “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” So let us turn on our own lights. Let us dance and sing. For a moment, let’s remember all of the powerful things we do everyday. In moments of depression getting up to go to work, cooking a real meal, not spending six hours watching Netflix seems almost impossible. Today quietly smile to yourself, because you went to work, or you finally cooked a real meal, or maybe, today, you only spent four hours watching Netflix. Find your small victory and trumpet it proudly around! Grab everyone you see, shake them violently by the shoulders and scream “I FINALLY SCHEDULED MY DOCTOR APPOINTMENT!” Blast a victory song and dance wildly on your way to work because you ARE on your way to work even though you swore you would call out today.

Celebrate yourself and the moments you keep trucking on, no matter how seemingly small. Some people might think this is silly, that the small things don’t really matter. But I know that I am right, because self doubt will never get you anywhere and confidence will take you miles. Smile, dance, shake people violently. I don’t care. Just for a moment know that you did it. And in knowing you did, know that you will again.


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