My Worst Enemy

We all have dreams, ideas, and goals. Images we’ve painted for ourselves and others. Most importantly, expectations. Now of course once you see the word expectations on a motivational blog you must start thinking of great things. Publishing a book! Getting a great job! Learning an instrument! No. Drop those dreams for a minute, we have more important things to discuss.

Expectations we do not realize we hold on to every, single day. We expect we’ll probably be late, we aren’t usually on time. We won’t have time to fix that broken thing, we haven’t for two weeks. And I am absolutely certain that at some point today I WILL eat that unhealthy snack. I always, always do. The absolute worst expectation I carry around with me? Maybe I accomplished something today, maybe even a few days. But eventually I will break. Not a doubt in my mind, sooner than later I will fail. Does this expectation haunt you? Are you just counting down the moments until you give up?

I don’t want to give up. All I want is to be stronger. To see my dreams and once, just once, to reach them. The first step? Let go. Expectations and definitions have held my capability down like heavy chains. I didn’t realize I had made them myself. Slowly I had built what I thought was a security blanket, only to find a net and I was caught. It is time to cut my way out.

Before when I woke up in the morning I would confront myself. Am I going to get out of bed? Or will I just sleep a little bit longer? I went to sleep knowing I would have this confrontation. Then morning would come and sometimes I would get out of bed, others I would sleep. A few days ago I found the difference. In my first few days of motivation, I don’t even expect that morning routine. Contemplation isn’t involved. I wake up and I move. Not because I had the mental fortitude to work my way up, but because I didn’t cling to the expectations that I would go back to sleep. There was no second guessing.

Our worst critic is ourself. Our heaviest chains are our own doubts. We make our obstacles only when we focus on them. To find true success I first had to let go. Walk away from my own doubts and for once, not linger near them. I’m not saying shoving positivity down your throat is the best way to go. I’m simply saying that no one can succeed when all they expect is failure.

Drop the image of yourself you steadily built up. Those flaws you joke about? Quit it. Stop saying you’re always late, that you can’t make things work, that you have problems with commitment. I don’t care how lightly you mention it. That is not you. It is a wall of expectations you made and you need to knock it down. Yes, it’s hard to suddenly realize that maybe you’ve been setting yourself up for your own failure. But once you move on from that, all you have is success.



  1. Is it a bad thing that I hear myself in this and feel I need to take responsibility for creating atleast part of that monster within. So as retribution, I think I will give this a real honest try. No expectations!!!! Just a plan cause you know I cling to those.


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